For nearly 100 years, Pearl City Elevator has been partnering with our farmer producers in northwest Illinois and southern Wisconsin regions. June 18th, 2016 marks the 98th business anniversary for Pearl City Elevator, Inc. Our full service agricultural cooperative has developed a heritage of hard work and learning by doing. Each of member of our employee team and board of directors is working together to bring success to our company and most importantly our producers. Working together to develop marketing options for the crops they produced, ensuring the local producers of necessary input products and manufacturing feed for the livestock raised. Learning by doing is clearly demonstrated by PCE’s focus on recognizing and meeting our producer’s needs.

As we reflect on the past and stay focused on future goals and endeavors we recognize the importance of four key strategies: 1) Sound leadership among the management team and Board of Directors, 2) a solid and focused growth oriented business plan, 3) an efficient capital structure and, 4) farmer/producer member equity & liquidity.

The past 98 years have provided PCE the opportunity to expand to meet additional producer needs in a larger trade territory while never losing focus of the needs of our local producers. Finding a balance between an income business plan, where earnings are distributed, and a business growth plan, where earnings are reinvested, is and has always been a necessity for PCE. The construction of Alliance Commodities, the state of the art grain facility, dry fertilizer and liquid fertilizer facility, is a testament to the PCE business growth plan. Through the process of producers sharing their business plans with us, PCE recognized the value of time for them.

Success is meeting both business plans which ultimately impact our producers with stronger earning distributions. Our producers depend on PCE to stay on task with our key strategies. It is through sound management that the company stays focused on our growth oriented business plan. It is through an efficient capital structure that allows PCE to develop and construct facilities that add value to our farmers’ precious time. While staying focused on the importance of returning a patronage refund to our producers which is a result of their Coops success. With gratitude we want to extend a thank you to all of our producers who have played a part in 98 years of success.